Training Services

Training is offered to the public through our partnerships with the internationally acclaimed Institute for Competitive Intelligence (Germany) and CAI/SISCo (US). Although these courses provide basic and advanced Competitive Intelligence material, most of the related case studies and class exercises are based on real-world experiences in the aviation marketplace.


Bidder’s Guide to Competitve Intelligence

One-day seminar offered through CAI/SISCo

An in-depth understanding of the competition is a key component to any worthwhile capture plan in order to determine a winning strategy. But just how effective is the information gathered and used currently in your organization, and what can be done to not only vastly improve garnering methods, but to also organize and pre-position it for re-use in other captures? The Bidder’s Guide to Competitive Intelligence (CI) workshop answers these and many other questions. It provides attendees with methods that will result in robust Competitive Analysis (CA) which will in turn lead to significant improvements in Price to Win (PTW) capabilities and the overall capture process.

A proven 10-step CI/CA process describing the development of “pre-positioned” profiles on a company’s marketplace, customers, and competitors is provided, which leads to targeted CI/CA support for specific competitive proposal activities.

The Bidder’s guide to CI workshop should be attended by all capture team members as well as the seasoned CI professional.

For more information contact: Jennifer Weinberg at

 ICI-24: Design and Operation of an In-House CI Centre

Two-day advanced workshop offered through the Institute for Competitive

A CI centre is the command centre of a company. Here, enterprise wide information flows in order to make important decisions in real-time. With such a centre, a company can improve its competitiveness in a sustainable way by timely reaction to market and competitive developments and by avoiding costly wrong decisions. To avoid set-backs with the implementation of a CI centre, consideration has to be given and optimizations taken into account with resources, design and implementation. For more information contact: Rainer Michaeli at

ICI-32: Establishment and Operation of Early Warning Systems

One-day advanced workshop offered through the Institute for Competitive

Early warning is the timely identification of potential opportunities and risks for a business. The permanent observation of environmental changes in a continuous process is referred to as an early warning system. This workshop outlines the fundamentals and requirements for setting up early detection and warning systems and illustrates their implementation within a business. For more information contact: Rainer Michaeli at

Private Training Courses

Private training courses tailored to specific company priorities are offered to clients wishing to establish or enhance their in-house Air Traffic Control marketplace strategic business development capabilities.

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This professional development seminar is presented by Dr. Mike Nash, a registered professional engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the Aerospace industry, providing strategic business support for winning competitive business. A CI veteran, he provides aviation market consulting and competitive intelligence support for international business development. He has established & managed a major business unit’s CI organization and has also led or supported new business capture competitions with an aggregate value of approximately $10B. A life member of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), Mike has led CI sessions and presented CI workshops and training seminars at both national and international conferences.