ATC Market Analysis Databases

Developing the ATC Market Analysis Databases

Our ATC Market Analysis databases have several functions.  Their ultimate use is as a place to capture major contract events.  The most visible application of database summary information is in the periodic reports which we began releasing on Amazon in the late spring of 2016.

But it should be recognized that while a compilation of contract events is important, it often does not tell the entire marketplace story.  Accordingly we first built a bottoms-up database by identifying and capturing the world’s ATC structure on an installation by installation basis.  This allows recognition that a particular ATC unit has specific capabilities even though we may not yet have identified the supplier or the related procurement details.

Given the several uses we have envisioned for the family of databases, we have established a hierarchy of linked information.  Accordingly our intent is to develop, maintain, and periodically publish the following:

Air Traffic Control: Facility Index (worldwide summarized by Region)

Air Traffic Control: Facility Inventory (worldwide summarized by Region)

Air Traffic Control Programs: (for six Regions*)

Air Traffic Control Market Profiles: (for over 200 countries and overseas dependencies)

Air Traffic Control Market Forecast (worldwide summarized by Region and Domain)

*ATC Program regional summary reports are compiled jointly with Momberger Airport Information.

Report availability will be announced as they are released.